How to source passive tech talents?

How to find exceptional and quality IT specialists?

I believe nowadays to find the best IT talents a big challenge particularly in competitive markets like London, New York or Singapore because there are more job vacancies than existing IT professionals. As a Recruiter, I have to plan the most cost-effective solution to attract the best tech talents in a short time period. I would like to share with you those places where I source passive tech talents.

Social Media Platforms

I think the best platform to contact passive candidates for any location worldwide is LinkedIn Recruiter.  My hired candidates of 90% were from LinkedIn Recruiter. You can source any type of IT professionals like Project Manager, Scrum Master, any type of Software Developer, Database Developer, Software Tester, Network Engineer,  Security Engineer, and System Engineer.

Hired is also a good place to source tech people in London, Paris and in the USA. They even support remote work. (Software Engineer, Engineering Management, Developer Operations, Design, Product Management, Project Management, Data Analytics, Quality Assurance, Information Technology)

Facebook is a social media and social networking service company worldwide. Recruiters can source tech talents in Facebook groups or search for a job title and can post a job and job seekers can apply for it.

Twitter is a social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. Registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Recruiters can message directly to a potential candidate or on most of the profile findable a LinkedIn link or other social media link.

Tech Communities

Stackowerflow is the world’s number one Q&A website for tech talent, particularly coders and developers.

GitHub is a place that Developers use to store their code. You can search the entire GitHub network.

CodeProject is a community for computer programmers with articles on different topics and programming languages such as web development, software development, C++, Java, and other topics.

Meetup is also a good networking opportunity for recruiters. To organize a Meetup and invite potential talents to attract them or attending a Meetup is a possibility to get to know passive tech talents.

Dribbble is a self-promotion and networking platform for digital designers of various disciplines, including graphic design, web design, UX/UI, web design, illustration, and branding. Dribbble serves as a design portfolio platform. It is one of the largest platforms for designers to share their work online.


How to write a good weekly report as a Tech Recruiter?

Weekly Sourcing Report

There are plenty of ATS (application tracking system) what can support weekly report and automatically send an email directly to the Line Manager and you don`t need to deal with it.

But what happens if your system is not supporting your weekly report?

In this case, I prepare a weekly column diagram report about my job and send it to the Line Manager. Showing the following information, the number of candidates on a column diagram:

How many candidates were:

  • Identified
  • Contacted
  • Responded
  • Didn`t respond
  • Not interested
  • Phone screened
  • Rejected at phone screen
  • CV Submitted to the Line Manager
  • Declined by Line Manager
  • Rejected by Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Candidate withdrew application
  • Interviewed by Line Manager
  • Rejected after Line Manager interview
  • Offer the job
  • Rejected the offer
  • Accepted the offer

Next to the column diagram, I add some useful information for the Line Manager about the targeted companies, location, used keywords for sourcing, and the reason of rejection after phone screen or face to face interview.

I create an Excel table for those candidates who are in the last stage interviews and offering process with their name, current company and Status/Notes/ Feedback from Line Manager and I add these information to the presentation every week.

Tell me about a time you went above and beyond the requirements for a project

I worked on a project where my client goal was to hire 200 people in 5 months. The client was an IT Sales company, called N3 Results. My project location was in London-UK and in Dublin-Ireland.

The main requirement was to hire people with different language skills (German, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Portugal, Danish, Arabic, English, Polish, Italian), plus experience with Cisco/Microsoft/Google/SAP technologies.

My target was to hire 2 people a month. I exceeded my target every month because I hired more than 7 people a month. In 5 months I hired 38 candidates instead of 10.

How did I achieve that and why? I wanted to earn lots of money, the main motivation was the double salary, for me it was easy to find candidates across Europe.

I used lots of job boards to source candidates on Reed, Jobsite, Totaljobs, LinkedIn, Irishjobs, Top language jobs. Every day I phone screened 40-50 people and if they achieved the minimum technical requirements, then I immediately prepared the summary and the CV and forwarded that to the Hiring Manager. I sourced candidates from European countries and convinced them to relocate to London or Dublin.

The interview process was super fast, the client arranged the first phone interview in 48 hours and hired a candidate in a maximum of 1 week. They provided training to the hired candidates and integrated them to Microsoft, Google or Cisco in Dublin or in London.


What makes an effective Technical Recruiter?

They’re usually the first person candidates interact with and they’re usually responsible for making (or breaking) good candidate experience.

They make sure their company continuously attracts and keeps good people. Recruiters don’t necessarily have to come from HR backgrounds, though. Experience in sales, design, marketing, customer service, coding and a variety of other fields can foster good recruiting skills.

Build a relationship

The ability to build a good relationship with candidates and think ahead, it is one of the most important skills for a Recruiter. Recruiters have to reject more candidates than they hire. Sending a personalized rejection letter or calling the candidate to inform them about it that`s turning rejections into relationships. They remember candidates skills and keep all the useful information on file to suggest an other suitable position for future openings.

Read between the lines

Most of the Software Developers or other tech people are not famous about a very well written CV but as a Tech Recruiter should be able to keep an open mind and read between the lines. Hiring Managers can make the final decision about the profiles. If they share a CV with the Hiring Manager and add more information to the profile as a summary then Hiring Managers will be able to give likely positive feedback.

 Good at multi-taking

Recruiters have to focus on several things at the same time. Bearing capacity is required and able to learn fast and see things clearly. Recruiters will often be working on a number of jobs at the same time, managing relationship with Hiring Managers, Agencies, internal, external stakeholders, and candidates. Providing feedback to all participants, sending weekly report, organizing social media events. Sometimes certain roles may need to be prioritized due to a higher level of urgency to fill the position, so they must also be good at managing their time effectively.

Share opinion in a tactful/discreet way

Start with a positive comment before giving negative feedback, it is always a good tactic to share negative feedback. Create the right environment and think before you speak. A tactful person is appropriate and sensitive, never rude or careless. Isaac Newton once said, “Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.” Being tactful is just that — having the ability to clearly communicate your message while being sensitive to those around you and not unintentionally offending anyone.

Knows the latest sourcing techniques, methods

Sourcing tech candidates are one of the big challenges nowadays. Recruiters need to know how to source the best passive tech talents. Using an X-ray search, Boolean search are very important on a daily basis. Sourcing on different job boards (Reed, CV-Library, Totaljobs, Irishjobs, Jobserve, Monster, Xing, Meetup…etc.) is also essential. Knows chrome extensions to get your life easier also a big benefit. Good to be a member of technical clubs, meetup.com to attract more quality candidates. Continuously following the professional news to improve your process.


Tell me an example of the most creative sourcing strategy approach you have succeeded to hire somebody.

I was sourcing for 3 Scala Developers in Budapest. The deadline was of 4 weeks to hire suitable candidates. In Hungary, there is not too much Scala Developer available in the market, so I had to contact passive candidates. After 1 week I submitted some Scala Developers with few years of experience, but I received the following feedback from the Hiring Manager that the CV looks good, but we would like to hire people with 5-10 years of experience.

I was thinking of how we can source more candidates and I came up with an idea to organize a Meetup for Functional Programmer – Scala Developers. I shared my idea with my Manager and after discussing the issues about getting the right candidate and discussing how we can organize it and it’s within our budget, he allowed me to initiate this activity.

I organized the Meetup from start to finish. I had to create a profile for the company on Meetup.com and invited a good presenter who made a great presentation to the participants. I adverted the Meetup event on LinkedIn, Facebook and on Google.
54 people attended the Meetup.
They came from other companies because they were interested in Scala and wanted to learn new things related to it. After the presentation, I invited the participants for a dinner and had a chat with the potential candidates about the Scala Developer job opportunity. The Meetup was very successful, and we hired 3 people from 54 people.

I got an award from the HR Director for organizing this and being successful and they started such meet up on corporate level every month which attracting good and potential candidates.


Tell me about a time you sourced for an IT role you hadn’t worked on before in the past.

I have this situation every week, I always have several positions what I have never worked on before. I always do the same, I ask my Manager, my colleagues about it, I go to Google,  read Wikipedia and other articles, watch YouTube videos, and then if I have questions I organize a call with the Hiring Manager.

The last time when I got a job it was an MFG PRO Developer. I had to search on Google what is that exactly.

I realized it is an ERP System, cloud system, successful core enterprise application. http://www.cycconsultores.com.ar/mfgeng.html

I sourced candidates on LinkedIn Recruiter, I just used the single keyword is MFG PRO, there weren`t too many people with this job title or keyword on the profile, I found around 15 people and I messaged them.

I got a Hungarian candidate who has 10 years of experience in MFG PRO, that’s a very niche skill, and this candidate wanted to relocate to Germany, and he speaks fluent German, and it was a requirement as well. So in a week, I got a hire, because of the niche skill and that’s why the process was very fast.